Communication Partners (Com.Part)

What is Com.Part?

The Communication Partners (Com.Part) is a way for you to find a native speaker to practice your target language with.  You can both help each other.  You may be at different levels in the two languages but you can still help each other.  For example, one partner may bring along a textbook for help in the basics of pronunciation or request help with homework tasks, the other partner may prefer to discuss current events or compare cultures.  There are many possibilities so long as you spend half the time in one language and half the time in the other. 


Technical Requirements

All CUHK students and staff can access this service on an Internet-connected PC within the university campus network. For security reasons, if you want to access this service off-campus, you will need to install a VPN to the university's network. Details can be found on the ITSC website.


Terms of Use

The Com.Part is a service provided by the ILC of CUHK for use by CUHK staff and students.  By joining the programme you agree to use the Com.Part for the purpose for which it is intended, i.e. as a means of finding someone to practice a language with.  It should not be used for commercial purposes or non-language purposes.  Inappropriate postings will be removed from the website.  The ILC accepts no responsibility for the success or failure of the exchange.

I agree with the above terms of use