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Thesis Writing Tips


Capturing readers' interest and communicating the significance of your research effectively can be challenging tasks. Do you want to enhance your writing skills in doing so?

CCo-organized with The Independent Learning Centre (ILC), the Library is pleased to offer the following discussion workshops for research postgraduate students on finding theses, thesis introduction, thesis abstract, and Chinese thesis writing skills.

Finding Theses and Dissertations in Your Research Area

Date 4 Oct 2023 (Wednesday)
Time 02:30pm - 03:15pm
Speaker Ms. Bernice Chan
Postgraduate Liaison Librian, CUHK Library
Medium Cantonese (English will be used if users require)
Venue Online via Zoom
Workshop Description This workshop you will learn why we need to search for theses and how to locate theses and dissertations from universities in Hong Kong (CUHK & other local universities), China, Taiwan, and other countries.

Structuring a Thesis Introduction: How to Get Readers Hooked at the Beginning

Date 17 Oct 2023 (Tuesday)
Time 02:30pm - 04:15pm
Speaker Dr. Yvonne Loong
Senior Lecturer, ILC
Medium English
Venue User Education Room, G/F, University Library
Workshop Description In this workshop, you will be introduced to steps for capturing your readers' interest in your research topic, appreciating the signicance of your research and understanding your research purpose. Specic language features which are commonly seen in thesis introductions will be discussed and practiced during the workshop.

Writing an Abstract for Your Thesis: How to Summarize Your Research in 500 Words

Date 18 Oct 2023 (Wednesday)
Time 02:30pm - 04:15pm
Speaker Dr. Yvonne Loong
Senior Lecturer, ILC
Medium English
Venue User Education Room, University Library
Workshop Description You will learn how to summarize the most important information in your research as well as describe the most signicant contributions that your research has made in a concise, readable and impressive manner. Both the structure and language of the thesis abstracts will be discussed during the workshop.

Intensive and Profound: Chinese Thesis Writing Skills

Date 25 Oct 2023 (Wednesday)
Time 02:30pm - 04:15pm
Speaker Dr. Felix Chao
Senior Lecturer, ILC
Medium Cantonese supplemented with Putonghua
Venue Online via Zoom
Workshop Description

If the thesis is not written and formulated in the right way, its key ideas will not be able to be communicated effectively. In this workshop, you will study the good language features of a thesis written in Chinese and learn how to avoid the common errors. You will also be introduced to the skills and choice of words for stating your research and theorizing your arguments. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss how to write definitions for key terms, the introduction and the conclusion.





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