Global Citizenship Series: Global Labour and Employment

Date: May 24
Time: 10:30 - 12:15
Venue: Zoom

In what way does the modern economy shape the labour force and, subsequently, the livelihood of workers around the world? What are the major challenges facing workers? Does the global economy offer a level playing field for all? This workshop is designed to enhance your global awareness by focusing on the relationship between governments, businesses, and workers. You will engage in self-reflection and small-group activities to develop a broader understanding of the nature of the global labour issues, inequality and poverty, and the impact on workers. Other concepts, such as the informal economy and worker rights and protections, will also be covered.

(Note: Attendees of all three GC Series workshops (1. Intercultural Communication; 2. Media and Technology; 3. Global Labour and Employment) will receive a Global Citizenship Certificate from the ILC.)