Vivian Chan   

Vivian Chan

Lecturer (PT)

Tel  3943 8733


Yin Ha graduated from the Chinese Language and Literature Department at Hong Kong Baptist University and later received her MPhil and PhD in Humanities at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her research interests include Hong Kong literature, modern and contemporary Chinese fiction, gender studies, postcolonial studies, and independent learning. Before joining CUHK, she taught at the Community College of City University and was also a visiting scholar at the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica in 2005.

Selected Publications

2011. Independent learning in need or in crisis? Independent learning under the new four-year undergraduate curriculum in Hong Kong. Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on e-Learning, 117–123. Reading: Academic Publishing Limited. (With Gaskell, D. D., Tan, M. A., & Chao, L. Y.).

2009. Huang Biyun in history and in fiction. Today, 86, 253–270. (In Chinese)

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2001. Writing Hong Kong: The Hong Kong stories of Wang Anyi, Shi Shuqing, and Xi Xi. In E. Cheung & S. Chu (Eds.), Hong Kong literature as/and cultural studies (pp. 88–115). Hong Kong: Oxford University Press. (In Chinese)

2000. Rebellion and dialogue: On Xi Xi’s fiction. Hong Kong: South China Publications. (In Chinese)

2000. The Paradox of popular: The Lilian Lee phenomenon in literary criticism. In K. K. Leonard Chan (Ed.), “Literary Hong Kong” and Lilian Lee (pp. 141–160). Taipei: Rye Field Publications. (In Chinese)

2000. Counter discourse in Hong Kong cultural studies. Proceedings of the Cultural Studies Conference 2000/ Technology, Aesthetics, Power: Cultural Turn at the Turn of the Century [compact disc]. Taipei: Cultural Studies Association. (In Chinese)

1999. Writing Hong Kong: The Hong Kong stories of Wang Anyi, Shi Shuqing, and Xi Xi. Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese, 2.2, 91–117. (In Chinese)

1998. Mo Yan’s Wine Country and Bakhtin’s theory of novel. Century 21, 49, 94–104. (In Chinese)