Let's Begin!

1. Get Organised

Plan ahead and balance your time & energy among study, family, friends, interests, and personal goals.

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2. Be Prepared

Find yourself a quiet place with a plain background, good lighting and minimal distraction.  Get your class materials ready.

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3. Be Punctual

Log in with Zoom using the latest ITSC protocols. When checking in, always identify yourself with your name on the SID.

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4. Mute Your Mic

Mute your microphone if you are not speaking to minimize background noise and feedback.

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5. Stay Engaged

Get involved by responding to polls, interacting with others (thumb up, clap hand), asking questions and taking active notes.

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6. Be Respectful

Be mindful of the netiquette when interacting with others. Without hearing your tone or seeing your face, your message could be misunderstood more easily.

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7. Reflect on the Learning Experience

Always take stock of your learning experience at the end of class. What did you do well?  How can you do better next time?

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8. Take Charge of
Your Learning

Locating learning support on campus, understanding your learning habits, and setting your own goals are useful first steps.

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