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Cantonese for English Speakers

ILC Resources

  • Online Cantonese (ILC)
  • A Cantonese Book(with 3 Audio CDs). Chan Kwok Kin and Betty Hung. (2005) (UCIPL1735 C43 2005)
  • A Cantonese-English and English-Cantonese Glossary. To Accompany "Elementary Cantonese" (Lessons 1–20). Sidney Lau. (1973) (UCI/UCISPL1733 L35)
  • A Dictionary of Cantonese Colloquialisms in English(英譯廣東口語詞典). Kwan Kit Choi. (2010) (UCIPL 1736 K8 2010)
  • A Glossary of Common Cantonese Colloquial Expressions(英譯廣州話常用口語辭彙). Compiled and translated by Simon Siu-hing So. (2002) (UCIPL1735 S8 2002)
  • A Pocket Dictionary of Cantonese(廣州話袖珍字典). Roy T. Cowles. (1986) (UCISPL1455 C68)

More ...

  • Fun with Cantonese. Sounds and Tones (with Audio CD). Yin-ping Cream Lee and Shin Kataoka. (2004) (UCI/UCISPL1735 L427 2004)
  • Basic Cantonese: A Grammar and Workbook. Virginia Yip and Stephen Matthews. (2000) (UCIPL1733 .Y56 2000)
  • Cantonese Chinese (Phrase Book & Dictionary) (with CD Pack).(2003) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .C36 2003)
  • Cantonese Express (廣東話速遞) (with Audio CD). Betty Hung. (2002) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .H86 2002)
  • Listening to Cantonese: Basic Skills (with 3 Audio CDs). Philip Yungkin Lee. (UCI/UCISPL1733 .L44 2000)
  • No Sweat Cantonese: A Fun Guide to Speaking Correctly (with Audio CD). Amy Leung.(2003) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .L48 2003)
  • Colloquial Cantonese: The Complete Course for Beginners(with 2 Audio CDs). Keith S.T. Tong and Gregory James. (1996) (UCIPL1733 .T66 1996)
  • CantonEase: A Practical Guide to Mastering Cantonese Sounds and Tones (with 4 Audio CDs). Yin-ping Cream Lee and Ming-chu Hilda Choi. (2003) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .L418 2003)
  • Wedding Bells: Cantonese Reading Material for Intermediate and Advanced Learners(with CD).Yin-Ping Cream Lee and Shin Kataoka. (2001) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .L43 2001)
  • Learning Cantonese through Stories: The Story of Minami (with Audio CD). Siu-lun Cedric Lee and Masumi Tanaka. (2002) (UCI/UCISPL1732 .L44 2002)
  • Basic Cantonese(初級粵語課本). Sidney Lau. (1968/1987) (UCIPL1733 L35)
  • Basic Cantonese Chinese(with 5 Audio CDs). (2006) (UCISPL1125 E6 B27)
  • Cantonese Chinese(Phrase Book and Dictionary + CD Pack). (2003) (UCIPL1735 C36 2003)
  • Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar. Stephen Matthews and Virginia Yip. (1994) (UCIPL1733 M38 1994)
  • Collins Cantonese Phrasebook(with Audio CD). (2007) (UCIPL1735 C65)
  • Communicate in Cantonese(快趣廣州話) (with CD). Catherine Au Scott. (2002) (UCI/UCISPL1735 S36)
  • Contonese Colloquial Expressions(廣州話口語辭彙). Compiled and translated by Lo Tam Fee-yin. (2007) (UCISPL1735 T28)
  • Elementary Cantonese Conversation: English-Cantonese(外國人學廣州話[第 1輯]) (with 2 Audio CDs). Virginia Yip and Stephen Matthews. (2000) (UCIPL1735 L44)
  • Interesting Cantonese for Beginner & Intermediate(有趣廣東話:自學初級及中級廣東話) (with 4 Audio CDs). Susanna Ng. (2005) (UCI/UCISPL1735 N57 2005)
  • Intermediate Cantonese(中級粵語課本). Sidney Lau. (2000) (UCISPL1733 L36)
  • Intermediate Cantonese: Themes for Listening & Speaking(with 3 Audio CDs). Philip Yungkin Lee. (2001) (UCI/USICPL1733 G73)
  • Learning Cantonese Pronunciation in IPA(廣東話國際音標正音手冊) (with 2 Audio CDs). Virginia Yip and Stephen Matthews. (2000) (UCI/UCISPL1739 L35)
  • No Sweat Canto-Love: An Easy Guide to Cross-Cultural Relationships. Amy Leung. (2005) (UCIPL1740 H6 L48)
  • Phrases in Cantonese(非常廣東話).Betty Hung. (1996/2007) (UCIPL1737 H86)
  • Speak Cantonese. Book II. Parker Po-fei Huang and Gerard P. Kok. (1973) (UCIPL1733 H8)
  • The Right Word in Cantonese(廣州話指南) (with Audio CD).Kwan Choi Wah. (1989) (UCIPL1736 K9)

Useful Links

  • Cantonese Listening Tasks
    Consists of dialogues that take place in a variety of everyday contexts. Good for beginners or intermediate Cantonese learners to practise Cantonese listening skills.
  • Learn Cantonese
    Provides Cantonese learning materials at elementary and intermediate level.
  • Cantonese Word Sets
    A list of audio Cantonese vocabulary in terms of nature, people, physics, place, time, and clothing, etc.
  • Cantonese Learning Centre
    Provides on-line talking Cantonese dictionary, and Cantonese learning material covering sound system, food and common mistakes.
  • Cantonese Romanization converter
    Use it to convert any of the following Cantonese Romanization systems to another: LSHK (Jyutping), Yale (original), Yale (tone number), Lau, Guangdong, Chishima.


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